Integrate Messaging Into Your FileMaker Solution

Real-Life Situation

It’s Friday evening and you notice that one of your field reps has ordered the wrong part. You have limited time to make the correction and ensure that the part gets to the customer on time. No need to panic as you know your enterprise FileMaker solution incorporates SMS or text messaging, as part of its communications strategy and you can easily send a text message to the field rep, clear up the misunderstanding, and get the part on its way.

What if more than one field rep was having the same issue? You could try an email blast, but you know that won’t be effective on a Friday night. You may have an SMS group ready to go and you can send a mass message out to the reps, however the chances of that are slim. You may also need to send out an important file, video or audio message with that SMS and you don’t have time to compose messages one-by-one when you have an urgent situation.

Real-Life Solution

Integrating SMS into your enterprise solution solves these problems and offers a convenient, effective way to communicate with your staff. Chances are that you already have the sales reps cell phone numbers in your system, along with part numbers, brochures, photos and other pertinent business information. Sending any combination of these components out to the field from your system using SMS becomes a powerful tool to manage communication and relay critical information.

One of the important features of using this method is that it works with most carriers and phones, even with Robert, the rep who refuses to replace his flip phone. You also control what happens when replies come back from the outgoing messages; keeping the back and forth communication logged into the SMS provides a record and eliminates the need to open other apps on the phone.

In Conclusion

There is great potential for enterprise SMS solutions as highlighted by the rising popularity of SMS in communicating more effectively with staff, managing delivery receipts, sending alerts from airlines regarding delays and critical updates, tracking inventory and managing stock alerts, just to name a few of the many services that SMS provides to millions of users on a daily basis.

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Integrate Messaging Into Your FileMaker Solution

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