Mac & Windows: Customize Your Desktop Icons

This posting will show you how to quickly create personalized icons on your Mac and Windows desktops in order to more easily locate important files and improve the aesthetic of your workspace.

Mac Tutorial

On a Mac, you can change the icon of an application, folder, or file on your desktop using the following steps:

Step 1: Open an image you want to use in Preview


Step 2: Copy the image


Step 3: Select “Get Info” on the file or folder you want to customize


Step 4: Click on the folder you’ve selected and press “Paste”


Result: The old generic folder icon has now been customized



Windows Tutorial

In Windows, you can change desktop icons as well.

Step 1: Download an image or draw one in Paint and save it as .ico (Microsoft icon)

Step 2: Resize the image to 32 pixels x 32 pixels


Step 3: Right click on a desktop icon you want to change and click “Properties”


Step 4: Select “Change Icon”


Step 5: Find the icon you created and select “OK”


Result: Your desktop icon has been customized


Download a PDF of this blog here: Customize Your Icons




Mac & Windows: Customize Your Desktop Icons

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