PushingBox API: Real Time Notifications for IoT Devices – Part 2

In previous blogs we introduced FileMaker’s support of iBeacons and the PushingBox API. We now cover the integration of a FileMaker App that will make use of the new RangeBeacons Script Step to search for an iBeacons UUID. When the UUID is found, you can use the PushingBox API and Pushbullet to send notifications to both Chrome and iOS devices. This functionality can also be used to send a file or photo to Chrome; it can also be used similarly to perform a script or other actions with the “Insert from URL” script, or to send variables in your notifications that are read from a sensor or device.

First, we will demonstrate sending a notification via the Insert from URL script step with the PushingBox service.

Follow the steps in the previous PushingBox post to set up the scenario and action.

Here we will set up an example that sends notifications on the temperature of a room using Pushbullet and the PushingBox HTTP API method where variables will be used for $room$ and $temperature$. The full message and title are: The $room$ temperature is $temperature$ degrees


Remember that you will need your Pushbullet Token and Pushingbox DeviceID to make this work. This is the unique key that identifies the scenario you want to launch. The DeviceID can be found on the Scenario Page. You can also create more arguments to define custom notifications text using your own variables.


Within FileMaker we can accomplish the notification with a single Insert from URL script step where the details of the script step are:

image3-26 copy

Below are the results on…



iOS (iPad):


iOS (iPhone):


We will now use the App to scan for an iBeacon and send a push notification and file (to Chrome) when found. The scripts are:


image9-39 copy

This will search for an iBeacon UUID and perform a script to send the message and file. Since the app uses the RangeBeacons Script, it is performed from FileMaker Go 15 as shown below performing searching for the iBeacon.


The results on Chrome and iOS are featured below. You can see in the desktop notification that a zip file was successfully sent with the notification.


The scenarios and possibilities with PushingBox are vast and when combined with the emergence of connected devices and the support of iBeacons via FileMaker Go 15. Revolution11 staff have been busy coming up with many different scenarios that will fill the needs of our clients!

Go to Part 1 of this subject.

Download a PDF of this blog here: PushingBox API Pt2


PushingBox API: Real Time Notifications for IoT Devices – Part 2

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