Why We Think We Won the AT&T Hackathon

The Revolution11 Team

“Winning means you are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.” – Vince Lombardi

Winning the AT&T IoT hackathon in September 2017 has propelled Revolution11 into a new realm within the Custom Application Development market. Several clients have asked for details on the overall contest and they are intrigued as to why we won with our “Smart Manhole” project. In response, we have noted that it is the same DNA, drive and culture that powers Revolution11 in the Custom Application Development market that served us especially well in winning the top prize at the hackathon. The Revolution11 philosophy focuses on small, well-thought out projects, developed in the Agile style. Our cohesive team concentrations on developing solutions for the mobile market; our subject matter expertise and years of experience working with IoT devices and services means that this win is just a springboard to new and exciting innovation for our trusted clientele..

Agile Development
In today’s competitive environment, a company’s processes, and even its business model, changes with a frequency that is undetermined, yet necessary. Traditional software development models rely on long foundation and discovery phases, which often leave software and end products that no longer meet the needs of the organization. And its expensive to boot! Revolution11 utilizes the agile style which suites our goal of rapid, yet precise, development and allows us to pivot with no downtime. A simple debrief with key stakeholders let’s them understand the overall environment. This collaboration permits us to pick the smallest element of a process that will have a big impact, i.e., solving a pain point, saving money or increasing revenue. The solution is then rapidly prototyped, tested by our team and given to a select few end-users. Then comes the live environment where the pain point becomes a thing of the past.

A Small Cross Disciplinary Team
Many old school Application Development firms segregate their teams by technology. The web application team, the database team, an iOS team and the list goes on – the problem with this approach is the segmented thought process often presents itself, not in a good way, in the final product. Rather than use the correct tool for the job, the team that landed the project will contort the project to fit their perspective, rather than applying the most efficient tools for the problem(s) at hand. Firms may employ a variety of strategies that involve technical architecture and insist that the segmented teams to execute against a rigid plan – often leading to delays, and huge cost overages.

Experience Counts in the IoT Industry
IoT development is not a new experience for Revolution11. Our proven forte is to prototype devices and applications based on input from a variety of markets – including the utility and industrial application space. Our team places creativity at the top of the list and is, therefore, well prepared to craft applications specifically designed to solve problems, be they old or new.

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Why We Think We Won the AT&T Hackathon

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