AWS IoT Button Configuration

Once you have established your AWS account, you are ready for AWS Internet of Things (IoT) button configuration.

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Open box by prying open the panel on the end that has the white sticker


2. Remove the documentation that is included in the box and then use your mobile phone’s camera to scan the QR code to open the “Getting Started” page on your phone.


3. Review ‘Cloud Programmable Dash Button’ — read the intro description on what the button is, and what it can do.

4. Review ‘Trigger AWS Lambda functions from simple devices’ and the description of the IoT Service.

5. Configure the Button on your mobile device. Open the app: AWSBTNDev – sign in with your AWS password. This opens the app for configuring your button.

6. Click the Plus Sign to configure the new button

7. Click “Agree and Get Started” on the Set up your Button screen.

8. Scan the DSN barcode on the box with your mobile device. The DSN and Name values will auto-populate on the screen.

9. Go to Settings on your mobile device and connect to the button’s wireless network using the password provided on the screen. Utilize the automatic copy/paste function to transfer the password.

10. Select the wi-fi network and enter the password copied from the previous action.

11. Once the certificate has downloaded, set the button action. Select the Lamda function that sends an email on click of the button, then select “Set Action.”

12.Send test email via button click.

13. On first button click, verify the email address through Amazon Web Services automated email.


14. Receive email via the AWS IoT button! Your first action is complete.


Important Note!

Amazon Web Services has identified a defect that may prevent some AWS IoT developer buttons from operating as expected. To determine if your AWS IoT developer button is impacted, check whether your button flashes a red LED in a long-short-short pattern after it is clicked.

If your button is impacted, here are the two options you can choose from:

Option 1: You can re-provision (see steps below) the impacted developer buttons using the AWS Developer button app. Re-provisioning will apply the correct firmware, and result in a series of white LED flashes for a few seconds, and then subsequent button clicks should become functional with a green LED confirmation. If impacted, you can let AWS know if this option will work for you. AWS has outlined the re-provisioning steps below for your reference.

Option 2: AWS can offer replacement for all your impacted developer buttons. Please note that 2nd Generation developer buttons are out-of-stock so currently they can offer you 1st Generation developer buttons as replacement. Please let them know if you prefer this option.

Re-provisioning steps:

  1. Install and open the “AWS IoT Button Dev” application in the iOS or Android app stores, and log in to the app with your AWS account or IAM user.
  2. If the button is already registered under your account, make a note of the Lambda function used by the button, and then choose the “delete” option for that.
  3. Then choose “Set up AWS IoT Button”, scan the DSN barcode (or type it in manually from the back of the button), and click “Register Button”.
  4. Once, the app automatically sets up your cloud resources, follow the instructions in the app to configure the button’s Wi-Fi.
  5. When asked to associate a lambda function with the button, choose the original function to keep the same functionality. The button should then resume normal.

Download a PDF of this blog: AWS IoT Button Configuration
Download a PDF of links below: AWS IoT Button Config Links

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AWS IoT Button Configuration

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