Rev11 Helps You Transition To The Cloud

Increasingly, most Revolution11 clients, whether they are large or small businesses, established or startups, are transitioning to cloud-based services. Many companies are already using cloud-based solutions like Gmail, Google Drive, and Quickbooks. These services bring the benefits of scale, elasticity, price and the ability to efficiently manage day-to-day operations in the real world.

In the past, companies bought their own servers and housed them in their own server rooms. The hardware then had to match the software, databases and applications needed to run the business, which generally required having staff on hand to manage the hardware and keep the software up-to-date. An inordinate amount of time was spent on the planning required to provision and deploy new hardware and software — IT organizations spent a lot of money to keep up with the growth of the companies they served.

Cloud Services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud make it possible for businesses to grow without the need for physical server rooms or backend hardware. By subscribing to cloud services, you don’t have to employ a large IT staff, but you can still deploy new servers and applications in the cloud as your company needs them.

Growing companies are always concerned with securing the tools necessary to drive productivity. But what happens when that growth slows down? How does a company meet one-time and seasonal needs? Cloud services enable leadership to utilize tools such as server-less functions and computing-on-demand, and gives IT staff the ability to easily spin up and shut down hardware instances to make sure companies are only paying for needed computing time.

Companies used to purchase their software through a confusing myriad of pricing models. Invariably, businesses ended up licensing (and paying for) a lot more software than they actually used. Cloud services give companies the ability to use a variety of databases and services that do not require expensive licensing. And, for maximum flexibility, both AWS and Google Cloud allow you to bring your own licenses for products like Microsoft, Oracle and FileMaker servers.

Cloud services increasingly help companies keep track of “things” in the real world, and take action based on the interaction of the thing and a human, another object, or a condition. What does this mean? You can be alerted when the fancy projector is moved in your office, you log-in to access the warehouse with a smart phone or Bluetooth Keychain beacon, or quickly learn the current quantity or a SKU using just voice control.

How Can Revolution11 Assist Your Transition to Cloud Services?
Let Revolution11 help you transition your current infrastructure to the cloud by assessing your needs and creating a plan to move your tools to cloud-based services.

Not ready to move your existing databases and applications to the cloud, but ready to take advantage of the services offered by AWS and Google Cloud? Revolution11 has the experience to show you how to leverage your existing platform and supplement it with cloud-based services. Your company can easily build new applications using your current databases, and cloud services make it easy to gather information via SMS or voice services — deposit the results in your existing databases for a wide variety of applications. Let Revolution11 show you how easy it is to control your current databases with a voice assistant like Alexa!

Rev11 Helps You Transition To The Cloud

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