Setting Up A Cloud Account & Hooking Up A Smart Thing


Check out the following blog series as Revolution11 walks you through some simple steps for setting up a Cloud Services account and hooking up a “Smart Thing.” Starting with the Wi-Fi and LTE-M button set-up, you will gain a basic understanding of how the Internet of Things (IoT) services function. Watch this space for information on expanding your workspace horizons with more examples of how to set up Cloud Services and Smart Things.

Setting up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account


AWS IoT Button Configuration

AWS Enterprise Button Configuration

AT&T LTE-M Button Configuration

Things You Can Do With Buttons

Capturing Button Data in a FileMaker Database

Capturing Button Data in a SQL Database

Curious? Let’s have a discussion on how Cloud Services or Smart Things can improve your business processes and procedures. Contact Revolution11 to get started today.

Download a PDF of this blog: Setting Up Cloud Account & Smart Thing

Setting Up A Cloud Account & Hooking Up A Smart Thing

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