Setting up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account

To get started you will need to set up an AWS account – follow these easy steps
Sign up here for an AWS account. It’s free but requires credit card.

  1. Create account by adding name, company name and contact details. Choose Professional or Personal Account and enter your phone number with no spaces.


2. Enter a credit card on the Payment Information screen – depending on the tier you choose (Personal or Professional) the card may or may not be activated.


3. Type in your phone number and enter the security check then hit the ‘Call Me Now’ button.


4. A four digit number appears on the computer screen.


5. Receive a phone call and enter the four digit code on your keypad.

6. You will then be verified after entering the code correctly.


7. Select a support plan – Basic (free), Developer ($29/month), Business ($100/month)


 8. Confirm your email address at the custom link sent to your email address


You can now sign into the AWS console and personalize your experience based on your role, level of service and interests. Dig in, check out the tutorials and make your way around the AWS site!

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Setting up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account

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