AWS Enterprise Button Configuration


Before Button Configuration, set up an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Account

Next, download the AWS IoT 1-Click App from either the iOS App Store or Google’s Play Store Order an AWS Enterprise Button Here

Once you receive your AWS Button follow these steps to configure:

1. Open box by prying open the panel on the end that has the white sticker (Keep track of the box so you can scan the sticker with the app).


2. Log into the AWS IoT 1-ClickApplication

3. Configure the Button on your mobile device by opening the AWS IoT 1-Click and signing in with your AWS password. This opens the app for button configuration on the setup tab. Press the Claim with Device ID button


4. Press the scan button to scan the serial number on the box (You can enter the serial number manually if you have lost the box)


5. The app will display “1 Device Added” when it has identified the serial number.
Press ‘Stop Scanning’.


6. The Device Added Confirmation Screen will appear. Press the ‘Claim’ button to claim the device.


7. A pop-up will appear asking to confirm that you would like to configure this device. Press ‘Yes’.


8. On the next screen you will be instructed to Press the Button on the AWS Enterprise Device.


9. Once the device is found, the next screen will prompt you to add your wi-fi credentials for the wi-fi network you would like to use with this button. Enter your settings and press ‘Confirm’.


10. The configuration screen will show the configuration status change from ‘in progress’ to ‘succeeded’. Once the configuration has succeeded (the light on the device will change from flashing blue to a solid green flash), press the ‘next’ button.


11. The next screen will prompt you to press the button on the device to finalize the claim. Once this has succeed, press the ‘finish’ button.


12. Press the devices tab at the bottom of the screen to view the device in the app.
Click on the device in the list to enable it.


13. On the next screen, click on the ‘enable’ slider.


Configuring the Button Action

1. Log on to your AWS Console

2. Click ‘All Services’ and navigate to → Internet of Things → IoT 1-Click

3. Choose the 1-Click Service, this is what you will use to assign a Lambda Function to the device.


4. On the left hand side of the screen you will see the menu for managing 1-Click Devices


5. Click on the ‘Manage’ option in the 1-Click Menu

6. Create a test project to attach for the AWS Enterprise Button. Press the ‘Create a Project’ button.


7. Enter a Project name and Description and press the ‘Next’ button.


8. Press Start to Define a Device Template for the Lambda Function you want the device to use.


9. Name the template, and set an action (Lambda Function). In this case, choose ‘Send SMS’.


10. Scroll down to Create Placements and enter a device placement name and enter a phone number (+1xxxxxxxxxx) and write a message in the placement attributes. Press ‘Create Project’.


11. A confirmation screen will appear, press the ‘Create placements’ button.


12. On the next screen, give the placement a name and press the choose a device.


13. Click on ‘Choose’ next to the AWS Device


14. Press the ‘Create placement’ button at the bottom of the screen.


15. You will now see this device in the Placements for this Project.


16. Press the button once on the AWS Enterprise Device. When the light on the device turns solid green a text is sent to specified the number.

Download a PDF of this blog: AWS Enterprise Button Configuration

AWS Enterprise Button Configuration

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