Setting Up an AWS Developer Account

Important! Set up an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Account before setting up an account for a developer

Sign In as the Root Access AWS User

1. Sign in by entering an AWS Root Access User Account Email and then press “Next”.

2. Enter the password for the Root Access User and press “Sign In”.

Set Up a Group

1. Log onto the AWS Console, locate the Security, Identify & Compliance Section and select IAM (Identity and Access Management). Or use the search bar and enter IAM.

2.  Select “Groups” in the left side menu.

3.  Click “Create New Group”.

4.  Enter a name for the group and then press “Next Step”.

5.  On the Attach Policy screen, select the policies for any buttons you have set up as a root access user and then press “Next Step” .

6.  Review the policies and then press “Create Group” .

7.  You are returned to the group home page once you create the group. To add additional policies so the developer can work with both the buttons and the serverless functions that power the buttons, click on the group you just created.

8.  On the permissions screen, click “Attach Policy”.

9.  In the policies screen, find and select the policies below.

10.  After you have selected the policies you want to add to the developers group, click “Attach Policy”.

Adding the Developer’s User Account

1. After attaching the policies to the group, select “Users” from the left menu bar.

2.  Click on “Add User”.

3.  Add a username, then check the boxes “Programmatic Access” and “AWS Management Console Access.” Keep the defaults of “Autogenerated password” and “require password to be reset” when the developer logs in for the first time. Click on “Next Permissions” .

4.  On the “Set Permissions” screen, click on the checkbox of the developers group you created earlier to add the developer to this group and press “Next Tags”.

5.  You can add up to 50 key/value pairs to help you find and organize your users. We recommend using the key “Email” and provide the developer’s email address. Press “Next Review”.

6.  Review all of the details for this user and then press “Create User”.

7.  Congratulations, you have successfully set up a developer’s account! Download the credentials with the “Download CSV” button, or view the password by clicking on the “Show” link next to the password field. Important! Make sure you copy the password as it will be unavailable after you leave this screen. Click on the “Send Email” link on the right to send an email with a link for your developer to log into your AWS account.

Download a PDF of this blog: Setting Up an AWS Developer Account

Setting Up an AWS Developer Account

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