Using the AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi App

What is the AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi App?

The Amazon Web Service (AWS) IoT Button Wi-Fi App is an application published by Amazon that allows the end user to set the button’s Wi-Fi network. The application does not allow the end user to change the button’s functionality. An AWS account is NOT required to use this application.

Setting or Changing the Wi-Fi Network on the AWS IoT Button

  1. Open the app on your phone or tablet and press “Setup AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi”

2.  On the next screen press “Scan DSN Barcode” (Device Serial Number). This brings up the scanner in your camera app to scan the barcode on the box.

3. Give the app permission to use your camera on first use… Click “OK”

4.  Position the scanner box in the camera app at the bottom barcode on the box flap. (See instructions below if you do not have the box with the sticker label).

5.  Once the scanner captures the barcode, it will show the DSN in the next screen of the app. Press “Configure Button”

6.  Press the physical button on the device for about 6 seconds until it flashes blue.  Once it is flashing, press the button at the bottom of the screen that says “Copy Password And Go To Settings”.

7.  On the Wi-Fi Settings Screen, under Choose a Network, select the Button Configuration from the Wi-Fi Networks.

8.  When prompted for the network password, paste the password that is stored on the device’s clipboard.

9. Return to the app, choose the Wi-Fi network to attach the button to and enter the password for that network.

10.  Press “Confirm Wi-Fi”

11.  You will see this message while the button is connecting to the new network

12.  Once the button has joined the new network you will get a confirmation screen.  Press “Done”

Congratulations, you have set up your AWS IoT button on a new Wi-Fi network!

*Instructions For Lost Box Barcode

If you do not have the box with the barcode that the button came in, there is a QR Code on the back of the button itself that represents the Device Serial Number (DSN). The DSN is also printed on the back of the button. Download a QR Scanning App from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store if you don’t have a QR Scanning app on your device already.

1. Open your scanning app and scan the QR Code on the right hand side of the back of the button. Once the QR Code is Scanned, copy the DSN.

2.  Open the AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi App and press the “Setup AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi” button at the bottom of the screen.

3.  Click on “Manually Enter DSN”

4.  On the next screen, click into the DSN field

5.  Paste the DSN from the clipboard (type manually if you could not scan it).

6.  Click on “Configure Button” and change the Wi-Fi Network by following the instructions above.

Download PDF of this: Using AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi App

Using the AWS IoT Button Wi-Fi App

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