Configuring the Root User for Multi-Factor Authentication (Google Cloud)


  1. Set up a Google Cloud Account for a Root User
  2. Set up an Organization and a Developer Account
  3. Have an SMS Capable Cell Phone On Hand

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a system requirement that utilizes two or more methods of identification to authenticate a user.

For the Root User one method of authentication is already set up by using the combination of  email and password to log on.

We will be using SMS as our second method of authentication.

Configuring the Root User For MFA

  1.  Go to any google app or and log on with the root user account. Once you are logged on click on the icon in the upper right and choose manage account.

2.  Choose Security from the menu bar to the left. In the middle of the screen under Signing in to Google click “off” next to 2-step verification.

3.  On the next screen press get started in the lower right hand corner.

4.  You will be asked to sign in again, enter the root users credentials and press the next button.

5.  We are using SMS as our second Authentication method. Enter your cell phone number, remember to start with the country code, and press next.

6.  Google will send you a code to make sure it works. Check your SMS messages and enter the Code here and press next.

7.  Once the code is confirmed, confirm you want to turn on 2-factor authentication by pressing the Turn On button in the lower right.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured and tested your root user Google Cloud Account for MFA.

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Configuring the Root User for Multi-Factor Authentication (Google Cloud)

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