Minew Ambient Light Configuration

Set up your Minew G1 BLE Gateway before attempting to set up the sensor(s).

Updating the Gateway Settings

 Log onto your gateway:

  1. Go to the service tab, scroll down and change the “Whether to Upload Unknown” choice to yes.

2. Click on Apply.

Determining the Payload Data for the Device

1. Download the Nordic nRF Connect App from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Playstore.

2.  Find your MAC Address on the device(s).

3.  Open the nRF Connect App and Press the Scan Button in the upper right hand corner.

4.  Find your Device on the list and make a note of the Bluetooth Payload for the device.

Checking MQTT Publishing at AWS for the Payload

  1. On the Service Tab of the Gateway Admin tool you will see the default topic the gateway is publishing to. Copy the topic.

2. Log back on to AWS, choose the IoT Service, choose Manage/Things and select the Gateway.

3.  Choose Activity.

3.  Click on MQTT Client, paste the default topic into first text box and press “Subscribe to Topic”.

4.  You should see quite a few more JSON Messages popping up, especially if you have a variety of Bluetooth devices. Click on the export button to find your device and examine the data for it.

5.  On the popup that appears, click Download.

6.  On the next popup, choose, save file and then press OK. Press the Done button on the first popup.

7.  Open the file in a text editor such as BBEdit and look for your device. You should now see the device in the payload being delivered to the gateway.

8.  You use the first bit to determine if the sensor detects light or movement (1 or 0) for the E6 Sensor, and the payload for the S2 Sensor broadcasts lux levels and the x,y, and x axis.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured your Minew Ambient Light Sensor.  You can use this sensor to control lighting, monitor lighting conditions over time, get alerts when the lights are turned on or off (or reach various thresholds), or get alerts when something attached to the sensor moves.

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Minew Ambient Light Configuration

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